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Shopfront Glass, Office Partitions & Glass Repairs In Cork

Shopfront Glass

Shopfront glass says a lot about your business. It’s an integral part of the ‘welcome mat’ for your potential customers. Designing the right shopfront for your business goes a long way in creating the most professional perception of your business, even before the customers come inside your door.

Shopfront Glass| Advanced Glass Cork

We supply and fit Shopfront Glass in Cork. Talk to us today and we can arrange a consultation to discuss the shopfront glass for your business.

Office Partitions

Glass room dividers / office partitions are now the ‘partition wall of choice’ for a lot of modern businesses. Glass office partitions give a sleek and modern finish and create a spacious and bright work environment.

Glass is an ideal option for office partitions, particulate in an environment with limited natural light. We supply and fit glass for office partitions or partition walls in a variety of thickness, so we are happy to talk to you to discuss your requirements.

Emergency Glass Repairs

emergency-glass-repairs-corkThe Glazing Team at Advanced Glass Cork, offer 24 Hour Emergency Glass Repairs in Cork city and county. We cater for both domestic and commercial glass repairs, including shop front glass repairs, office or commercial replacement glass.



Mobile Glass Cutting Facility

Quick action is paramount when broken glass is involved and as we have a mobile glass cutting facility offering 24 Hour emergency glass repairs in Cork it means we can replace your glass shopfront faster so your window can be repaired in just one visit. This sets us aside from any other glass company.


Dismantling your shopfront during opening hours is not something you want to have to do, so that’s why we offer ‘out of hours’ 24 Hour Emergency Glass Repairs to avoid this inconvenience, as well as considering the public safety aspect of the whole process.

We offer a fast and reliable service, you’re in good hands with a trusted team in the Glazing business since 2002. We offer a lifetime warranty on our workmanship and we are professional in our operations, making sure everything is in pristine condition before we leave.

Glass Is What We Do … 24/7

We understand your ‘shop front’ is the face of your business and having access to a fast, trusted and professional Emergency Glass Repair Service in Cork is a priority for business owners when faced with looking for emergency replacement glass. Talk to us now, we’re on call 24/7.