Kitchen Splashbacks, Quick & Easy Kitchen Transformation

Kitchen Splashbacks transform kitchens .. Quickly!

Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen Splashbacks can totally transform an entire kitchen space and do so really quickly. They are easy to install and can be designed in almost any colour you want! Whether you want to update an existing kitchen or you’re starting with the fresh canvas, installing a Kitchen Glass Splashback should be a kitchen design option you definitely consider.

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Why would you choose Glass Kitchen Splashbacks?

✔ Well, for starters, Glass Kitchen Splashbacks are far more hygienic than traditional tiles.

✔ Splashbacks provide a great way to protect your walls from inevitable cooking spatters!

✔ Splashbacks are so easy to clean, just a wipe of a damp cloth does the job!

✔ There are no dirty grout lines with Glass Splashbacks. One of the many drawbacks of traditional tiles.

✔ Splashbacks can be fitted over existing tiles, so you can easily and quickly transform your kitchen.

✔  Glass Splashbacks come in such a variety of colours, there’s one to suit every kitchen.

Glass Splashbacks are an eye-catching focal point in your kitchen.

If you consider all the points here it’ s easy to understand why they are the preferred choice when it comes to Splashback tiles.

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We can design your Splashback in Any Colour You Want

Kitchen Splashbacks to compliment or contrast?

Kitchen Splashbacks come in a vast selection of colours. In fact, you can get a custom made Glass Splashback in almost any colour you want!

You can choose your colour from the extensive RAL colour chart. (you can view the colour chart on this page)

This gives you endless design opportunities with your Kitchen Splashback.

You can be as bold or subtle as you like, go for intense colour contrast to make a serious statement with your Splashback, or if have a more traditional design in mind, use a subtle colour to enhance and compliment your kitchen.

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Kitchen Splashback in primrose yellow will brighten up any kitchen!

Kitchen Splashbacks

Made-to-measure Kitchen Splashbacks

All our Glass Splashbacks are made-to-measure, so they are not the same as the Splashbacks you get in a department store. They are not a standard fit out of a box, so it means you can have a Splashback designed in any size you want.

This way you can choose to cover as much or as little of your kitchen area as you want to achieve your desired outcome.

This enables you to work with a limited budget, and as it’s custom made for you, you can add to it at any stage to extend the Splashback area.

You can start with a hob Splashback, which covers the area just behind your cooker top.

Then you can go all out and install a Splashback that spans the entire boundary of your kitchen area. The choice is yours!

Kitchen Splashback made to measure for the hob area only

Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen Splashback ideas

Choosing a Glass Splashback to suit your kitchen is a very personal experience. Take your time, decide what is the ideal outcome you want to achieve and play around with some colour choices before you make your decision.

Red can make for a gorgeous Kitchen Splashback, even in a small space. You can see a recent one we did in a larger kitchen HERE. 

Remember Glass Splashbacks can be fitted over existing tiles.

So if you want to update your kitchen with a Splashback, but you don’t want the hassle of having to remove your old tiles, that is no problem.

We can install a made-to-measure Kitchen Splashback over the outdated tiles and transform your kitchen quickly.

Red is a great colour choice for a Kitchen Splashbacks. It is a colour that works in small or large kitchen spaces.

Kitchen Splashbacks for hobs

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Glass Splashbacks from Advanced Glass

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