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Glass Screens, Mirrors, Insulated Glass, Glass Splashbacks, & more

Domestic Glass

Domestic Glass services are available 24 hours a day here at Advanced Glass. We fit and supply double glazing, triple glazing and A-rated insulated glass. We provide a 24-hour emergency glass repair service in Cork and we specialise in Domestic Glass items such as Glass Splashbacks, Glass Balustrades, Glass Shower enclosures and made to order Mirrors. Call us today for a quote or to discuss your project.

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MIRRORS are a great addition to your interior design plan. They are such a versatile design feature and can be used in any area of the home. You can cleverly use mirrors to create a sense of space, add light, add a touch of luxury as well as open up small spaces. Talk to us today about a custom mirror for your home.

Shower Enclosures

Advanced Glass Cork offer a complete made to measure service for custom Glass Shower doors and Glass Shower screens. We can design a custom Glass Shower enclosure to suit your bathroom design and add a luxurious finishing touch to your bathroom.

  • Glass Splashbacks

  • Glass Balustrades

  • Printed Splashbacks

  • Mirrors

  • Glass Table Tops

  • Coloured Glass

  • Glass Shower Doors & Screens

  • Frosted & Patterned Glass

  • Insulated Glass

 A-rated Insulated Glass

Replacing existing glass or installing new insulated windows can be one of the most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of your home. You’re probably not aware that as much as 20% of the heat generated in your home can escape through the windows.

This is a key factor when you’re looking to improve the insulation in your home, installing double glaze energy saving windows or replacing your existing glass with our A-rated insulated glass is the quickest way to save on household energy costs.

click-to-call-blue2If you’re happy with your existing window frames but want to upgrade to insulated glass, give us a call for a quote.


Glass Balustrades & Glass Splashbacks

Included in our range of domestic glass services, is our custom made Glass Balustrades and Glass Splashbacks. These are made to measure products so please give us a call to get a free quote. You can read more about our Glass Balustrades & Balconies HERE and our Glass Splashbacks HERE. 

  • Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens, Bathrooms

  • Glass Balustrades & Glass Balconies

  • Printed Glass Splashbacks

  • Mirrors – made to order

  • Table Top Glass

  • Insulated  Glass

  • Double & Triple Glazing

  • Glass Shower Enclosures, Doors & Screens

  • 24/7 Emergency Glass Repairs

Fogged Up Windows?

Over time double glazed windows can fog up due to moisture getting in between the two panes of glass. This happens when the seal between the two panes of glass (which holds the unit together) breaks down and allows moisture in.

This can happen at any time and cause a lot of inconvenience not to mention being unsightly and restrict light. We can replace your windows or fit insulated glass instead. Talk to us right now and let’s find a solution to your fogged up windows.

Emergency Glass Repairs

We operate a 24-hour emergency glass repair service in Cork and surrounding areas to offer fast 24-hour glass repair or replacement

“They answered the phone immediately on a bank holiday! ” … “My patio window got smashed, it was a bank holiday weekend and very hard to get through to anyone. The guys at Advanced Glass answered the phone straight away and the glass was fixed within 2 – 3 hours! Would happily recommend the guys .. thanks a lot. GREAT SERVICE “
Sarah Foley, Minane Bridge